Book Review: The Earth Key by Jennifer L. Kelly

*I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review of The Earth Key. There may be things that could be considered spoilers of the first novel. If you would like to see my review on Army of Fire, please go to my Goodreads review*

The Earth Key is the second novel in the The Elementals series by Jennifer L. Kelley. The Earth Key picks up where Army of Fire(the series’ first novel) left off.

In book two, Ka’s journey continues as she travels to the Land of Earth to retrieve and destroy the Earth stone. Her mother went to great lengths in order to protect her from the Imminent Darkness, but there are consequences for hiding the truth. Someone has lied and someone will die as the Imminent Darkness grows stronger in its quest for retribution.

There are a lot of series that fall into the “sophomore slump”, where a series starts off strong in book one but falls flat in book two. This is not one of those series. Ka’s journey picks up some serious steam as the battle against the Imminent Darkness escalates. The one advantage this book has over the first book is the amount of action. The pacing has picked up a lot but only adds to the quality of the book as a whole.

Our protagonist, Ka, has also improved a ton since the first book. She comes off as more confident and self-assured. She has embraced her role as “the impossible girl” and stands stronger than ever. Along with her parents and her friends she is able to build herself up to defend the world she loves.

Overall I would say that if you’re looking for a new sci-fi YA series to fall in love with you may want to give this one a try. While I was excited to get my hands on book two after book one, I cannot WAIT to read book three. The Earth Key is an excellent progession of the series and I cannot recommend it enough to sci-fi fans.

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